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Importance of Post Construction House Cleaning

Finally your dream house has been constructed and it is now the time to move in and start a new life. However a fresh constructed house is inappropriate for living unless it has been thoroughly cleaned.

Post construction cleaning is more than just regular dusting and moping. From dirt, dust, construction material to stains and debris, you need to ensure that the house is thoroughly cleaned so that it can be inhabited by you and your family.

It is much difficult to deal with construction dust than regular dust. Construction dust gets accumulated on the floors and walls and it can not be taken care of by simple vacuuming. From window sills, ceilings, walls, corners and floors, everything has to be carefully and thoroughly cleaned and that can be done only by professional NYC residential cleaning service providers.

Construction leaves paint stains, glue marks and other type of stains on the floors. Wrong cleaning solvent or wrong use of cleaning solvent can permanently damage your flooring. In addition, toilets, basins and sinks need proper washing to ensure that they can be used.

Post construction cleaners take care of all your home cleaning needs so that you can focus solely on the moving. Select professional cleaners and make your newly constructed house a beautiful haven.

Top Ideas to Keep Your House Clean from the Mess Made by Children

Children are inquisitive and every new day is a learning experience for them. However, these small bundles of joy are not aware that their little inquisitiveness and playfulness can create a mess in a home. Here are some top ideas to keep your house clean from the mess made by kids –

  • Kids love colors and they love drawing and sketching. In order to remove the crayon stains from the wall, use a little paint thinner on the stain and wipe it off with a dry and clean piece of cloth.

  • Outdoors and children are inseparable and if you are tired of finding mud stains on the carpet and couch, use a vacuum cleaner.

  • Play dough on your favorite carpet can completely rob it of its beauty. Use dry cleaning solvent, leave it on the affected area and wipe it off with a clean cloth.

  • Juice and soft drink spillage on the marble flooring can permeate into the marble and cause permanent stains. To avoid this, immediately wipe the marble clean with warm water.

Cleaning a home can be strenuous and especially when you have small kids. It is therefore necessary to hire home cleaning services to take care of all your residential home cleaning needs. Hire a professional NYC residential cleaning service and let your kids learn in their natural manner.

Make Your Building Ready with Post Construction Cleaning

Post construction cleaning is very important as it allows people to move-in and resume their everyday life. Whether it is a residential unit, high-rise residential block, shopping mall or an office, every building requires a post construction cleaning to ensure that it can be inhabited by people.

By hiring NY post construction cleaning services you can ensure that the building is has clean floors, stairs, walls, elevators, and rooms and there is no debris, which can make it difficult for the people to clean on their own. The post construction cleaning service providers have the right equipment to remove the stains, debris, construction left over and garbage. Here are some of the some of the major issues which post construction cleaning services take care of –

  • Cleaning water valve box
  • Rubbing and washing the sliding glass doors and windows
  • Cleaning and dusting baseboards
  • Dusting the walls
  • Cleaning the washrooms and bathroom tiles
  • Cleaning the cabinets
  • Disposing of the construction material and left over
  • Cleaning tubs, toilets, kitchen and appliances

Call the experts today and ensure complete peace of mind.

Maintain a Healthy Workplace with Office Cleaning Services

An untidy office is not only an ugly speck on your business’s reputation, but it also affects the employee health and morale. If you have an unclean office, your clients, investors or customers will not take you seriously, resulting in a loss of the business. In addition, the dirty ceilings, untidy cabinets, restrooms and floors will lead to a negative word of mouth that will also hurt your business badly. Apart from this, employees do not feel comfortable working in an untidy environment. A clean and tidy environment can help the employees improve their productivity. It is therefore necessary to hire professional office cleaning services in NYC to keep your office clean.

Every office requires a thorough cleaning regimen at frequent intervals. Office cleaning is not restricted to cleaning furniture, restrooms, visiting areas and floors. It involves cleaning of computer peripherals and equipment such as keyboards, monitors, printers and CPUs. A professional office cleaning service provider knows how to clean the electronic equipment without damaging it. They know the exact cleaning strategy for each area which can not be accomplished with daily cleaning.

The best cleaning services offer outstanding office cleaning services and that too at affordable price. Hire professional office cleaners today to give your employees and visitors a clean environment.

How to Choose the Best Cleaning Service?

Whether it is a housing unit, educational institution or an office, any building that has human activity needs to be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the proper health of the inhabitants. Here are some important tips to consider when you are hiring a cleaning service –

Interview them – After short listing the cleaning services in your local area, it is advisable to interview several companies to know about them. Ask them for references and check with them as what they have to say about home cleaning NYC service. By interviewing them you will get to know about what services they provide, as well as their level of professionalism.

Show them the premises – Ask the service providers to send someone to your home and office and show them the areas you want to get cleaned. This is very important as various cleaning services do not have expertise in cleaning all the areas effectively. This will enable you to know if you have hired the right people or not.

Make payment commitment – It is necessary to discuss the payments options beforehand to avoid any discrepancies later.

Keep these tips in mind to select the best home cleaning service.

How to Prevent Mold Growth at Your Home?

Mold is a serious problem that has adverse short-term, as well as long-term effects on the health of the people inhaling in a mold-infested environment. Here are some tips that will help you prevent mold growth in your home –

  • The most effective way of preventing mold growth is by controlling dampness or moisture in your home. Moisture and wood or drywall are the perfect growing grounds for mold and therefore it is necessary make sure that anything susceptible to attain moisture such as windows, water pipes and air conditioning ducts should be thoroughly checked for mold growth.
  • Mold can not always be visible. Mold can grow behind the wallpapers, paneling, ceiling tiles, as well as beneath pads and carpets. Ensure that you regularly clean surfaces that can offer perfect breeding grounds for mold.
  • Bathrooms are another problem area where mold finds the perfect conditions to grow. It is therefore necessary to keep the exhaust fan running after every shower and wipe the floor clean after every usage.

Mold is a serious hazard and if got out of hand can lead to serious health issues. It is therefore necessary to call expert home cleaning NYC professionals to get rid of mold and mildew so that you can breathe in a healthy and fresh air.

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