Thursday, 10 September 2015

Hardwood floor cleaning: Things to keep in mind

Hardwood floors add beauty to your home. They can become dull and grimy over time if not cleaned properly and regularly. Dirt and dust can scratch the hardwood floors’ protective finish. Homeowners need to keep their hardwood floors 100% dust-free always in order to keep them looking their best. You should consider these three things before cleaning hardwood floors:

Vacuuming with bare-floor setting
Dust particles trapped underneath your shoes can scratch the hardwood floors. Sometimes dirt also gets trapped inside crevices of the floor, which may damage it later on. Dusting hardwood floors using mops, dusters, or brooms won’t do any good to them. Vacuums are designed to work on hardwood floors. Use a vacuum with bare-floor setting to clean the hard-to-reach places of hardwood floors.

Use only hardwood floor-specific cleaning products
Your hardwood floor installer or supplier must have recommended you cleaning products that are specific to the type of the wood and finish. Only use the floor-cleaning products recommended by the floor finisher to keep your floors looking good for years. 

Hire professional cleaning service
A professional cleaning company can perform deep cleaning on your hardwood floors that you cannot do on your own. Hardwood cleaning methods used by you will only push the dirt around. Hire a professional cleaning service in Manhattan to dramatically improve the appearance of your hardwood floors.

These hardwood floor cleaning tips will help you extend the life of your floors and keep them sparkling all the time.

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