Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Debunking Myths about Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting is an expensive investment for any home, be it new construction or existing one. It adds to the value of your home and enhances overall home d├ęcor. But most homeowners have several carpet cleaning myths that prevent them taking proper care of their carpets. Here is a list of some common misconceptions that homeowners usually have about carpet cleaning and their corresponding facts:

Myth #1: “Carpet cleaning can ruin the original appearance of the carpet”
Fact: Dust and dirt that build up inside carpet contribute to the wear-and-tear of carpet fibers. The best way to keep your carpet look new always is to clean it on a regular basis. 

Myth #2: “Vacuuming can take the job of carpet cleaning”
Fact: Carpet is a good breeding site for molds and other fungal microorganisms. Carpet fibers trap dirt, dust and allergens in them. With regular vacuuming you cannot get rid of bugs, beetles, and allergens trapped deep inside carpet fibers. Moreover, vacuuming 4 times in a week does more damage to your carpet than vacuuming twice a month.

Myth #3: “Cleaning can cause the carpet to shrink”
Fact: Carpets only shrink when you leave them extremely wet. You should call for a professional help to clean your carpets at least once in a month. Professional carpet cleaners use right cleaning technique, chemicals, and equipment to make your carpet look better every time it is cleaned. 

Regular carpet cleaning increases durability of carpets and helps to maintain a healthy environment at your home. Professional carpet cleaning is the way to extend the life of your carpets.


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