Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Common Cleaning Myths

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. However, busy schedules leave people in a situation where they do not get time to clean their homes. In addition, popular myths make people do more damage to their homes than good. Here are some common myths related to cleaning –

Vacuum cleaning is all that a carpet needs – Vacuum cleaning no doubt helps remove the dust particles from the carpet, but a carpet needs more exclusive cleaning to get rid of the mold growth.

Polishing does not help wood – Many people believe that polishing attracts dust to the wooden surface and regular dusting can prevent the wooden objects. However, polishing adds a layer of protection to the wooden surface, which can be damaged by moisture in the air.

Bleaching is the solution for floors and surfaces – The floors, fixtures and countertops should be first cleansed thoroughly and then cleaned with a bleach to get rid of the germs.

When it comes to cleaning homes, there is no substitute for professional cleaning. Professional cleaners have the right equipment and material for cleaning for which the normal cleaning solutions are no match. If you are looking for professional NYC residential cleaning services, browse the best one and make your home perfectly clean.


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