Monday, 22 July 2013

Is Green Cleaning a Necessity?

The world is going green. More and more people are showing their concern for the environment by opting for greener alternatives ranging from green buildings, natural food products to green cleaning options. Here are some of the reasons why green cleaning techniques should be preferred over conventional cleaning –

  • The ingredients in conventional cleaning products contain toxins which can cause serious damage to the environment and your health.
  • Contaminated wastes in large amounts are produced during the manufacturing process of such products that can have deteriorating impact on the environment.
  • The cleaning products contain ingredients that can cause skin and breathing allergies.
  • Studies suggest that these may also include carcinogenic agents and endocrine modifiers.
  • The conventional cleaning products contain high volumes of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) that can lead to various diseases and reactions.

Chemicals used to clean commercial buildings and residences are not only harmful, but they are manufactured through processes that lead to environment degradation. Given below are some of the benefits of using green cleaning products –

  • Reduction in waste.
  • Low VOC content.
  • Low environment foot print.
  • No affect on indoor air.
  • Safer for cleaners.
  • Less air and water pollution due to manufacturing process.

The next time you hire NYC commercial cleaning company, make sure that they use green cleaning products to ensure the safety of your employee, as well as, of the environment.


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