Monday, 24 February 2014

Do Not Fall for these Cleaning Myths

Home cleaning is a must activity and majority of us fume about our houses being unclean. From bathrooms to bedrooms, kitchens and porch, our house contains billions of disease causing germs that can result in serious ailments. If you are venturing on a home cleaning regimen, below are some of the myths for which you should not fall for –
  • Vinegar helps clean stains from marbles and floors: Vinegar no doubt helps in cleaning glass, but it can damage the flooring, both marble and wood.
  • Regular dusting keeps microorganisms away: Regular dusting is important as it helps getting rid of dust particles. However, it does not clean the surface from the core. For this, you need disinfectants.
  • Alcohol cleans mirror stains: It is a myth as alcohol can make the mirror surface look dry and blotched.
Home cleaning is a regular affair that ensures the well being of your family members. It is therefore extremely important to hire residential cleaning services in order to make your home properly cleaned. Hire professional cleaners and enjoy a fresh and clean life.


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