Monday, 28 April 2014

Is Your Home Really Clean?

We all take pride in keeping our home up-to-date and never shy away from following the latest home improvement trends. However, have you ever considered that your house, which you keep on updating with new furniture and appliances, also provides shelter to millions of disease carrying germs? Here are the most unclean and dirtiest places in our homes, which we often mistake for being clean –

Light switches and door handles – We have a tendency to ignore small things and this is the reason why light switches go undetected. Everyone washes hands before having the meals but what about the light switches and door handles, which are touched with unclean hands? Constant touching and not cleaning the switches make the door handles and light switches one of the biggest germ carriers in our homes.

Faucets – And you thought how could something, which gives water can be dirty. Most of us feel the same and which makes faucets susceptible to mildew. Specifically, the inner surface of the faucets, owing to dampness, results in mildew growth.

Refrigerator – Yes you read right. There is no need to be surprised. We store food items in the refrigerator and although we take out them from time to time, the leftover food items are more than enough to make anyone fall ill. Apart from this, the constant touching of the refrigerator door and handle also add up to the germ count in a refrigerator.

Remote controls – Switching on the television or AC after you come back after work is the first thing that most of us do. TV and AC remote are arguably the dirtiest surfaces in a residential unit. And since nobody washes remote controls in a dishwasher, they keep on assimilating more germs every passing second. The scariest part about TV remotes is that they got touched the most when we are eating. Need we say more?

Kitchen cabinets – Kitchen cabinets are extremely dirty because of the residual cereals, snacks and the dampness. Most of us end up cleaning the cooking area and the top of the cabinets. However, this does not help as the interiors of the cabinets, which we can not reach, are the main culprit.

Regular cleaning does not ensure the complete cleanliness of our homes. Every homeowner, therefore, should consider hiring residential cleaning services as professionals can help you in cleaning those areas, which can not be cleaned with regular daily cleaning. Call experts today and make your home a safe haven for your family.


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