Wednesday, 1 October 2014

How to prevent dust accumulation in your home?

Dust cannot be entirely eliminated from your home. But there are ways you can reduce it. Dust can cause allergies and if you’re dust-sensitive, it becomes all the more important to prevent dust accumulation in your home. Preventing too much dust from accumulating in your home is not a difficult task. Here are some of the tips that may prove to be useful-

  • Seal cracks should be used between doors and window frames. This will go a long way when it comes to reducing the amount of dust that enters your home.
  • Sheets, pillows and mattresses should be regularly cleaned as these are the places where maximum dust can be found.
  • Carpets attract dust mites. They trap dust and make dust control difficult. They should be vacuumed daily. If you’re too sensitive to dust, it’s best to remove carpets from your home.
  • Clean from top to bottom. This will make it easier for you to clean all the dust that falls down while cleaning.

Apartment cleaning services in NYC may prove to be very useful when it comes to preventing dust accumulation in your home. If you want to carry out deep cleaning of your home, you can easily avail the services of these companies.


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