Monday, 4 March 2013

Carpet Repairs in NYC


The carpets used at home not only get faded and dirty with time but may also be damaged with cigarette burns, iron or vacuum burns, scratches made by pets, and accidental spilling of acidic liquids. However professionals for carpet repairs in New York are trained to restore the beauty of your carpets by mending them for best looks again.

It is good to hire professional cleaning services to repair damages such as:

  • Tattered fringes
  • Frayed areas
  • Harmed selvage
  • Curled corners
  • Patches made by plant pots
  • Damage caused by moth

Bonded insert is an effective way for carpet restoration in NY. If there is a burn hole, bleach spot, bare spot or any other damaged patch that becomes an eye sore on the carpet, professional residential cleaners perform a bonded insert to replace the damaged carpet area with a new piece.

Pile Grafting is a process used for Berber carpets. The carpets that get damaged and have lines of fibre pulled out can be repaired with this technique. Red Dye Colour Repair, Butterfly Seams and Padding Replacement are other techniques used for repairing carpets.

Carpet repair professionals also use effective cleaning services including steam cleaning to give your carpets a visually appealing look!


David Schrock said...

Cats love carpets and we love cats, but when they scratch and claw in a playful manner causing serious damage to your new carpet or rug, its a wonder what to do. I love my cat but I also love my carpet to. That’s why I was looking for solution how to clean and repair my carpet and my mother show me this guys here They are offering different kind of cleaning and repair services for carpets. Highly recommended !

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