Monday, 4 March 2013

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in NYC

The carpets in offices, restaurants, hotels, shopping stores and other business premises can get real dirty to heavy daily traffic. Weekly or daily cleaning by the in-house cleaning staff is indispensable, but it is also significant to ensure that the carpets maintain their aesthetic appeal and do not bear a faded look. This calls for thorough and professional cleaning. For the real elimination of dirt and dust from carpets, a business can hire NYC commercial cleaning services. 
Commercial carpet cleaning involves the use of large vacuum cleaners and steam dispensers to extract the dirt and clean out the stains from carpet. Offices and restaurants with expensive wall to wall carpet need to maintain the visual appeal of their floors and periodic cleaning of all carpets and rugs is therefore necessary. 
Periodic steam cleaning is recommended by most carpet manufacturers for effective maintenance of carpets. Steam dispensers work with very hot water and special cleaning agents. Steam at high temperatures makes chemicals more effectual and literally melts away greasy and oily stains. Coupled with this, the powerful rinsing action of steam and hot water extraction systems make for a very efficient method of carpet cleaning. With professional steam cleaning, dust, dirt, food and grease stains that are difficult to remove can be eliminated without any damage!


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