Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Carpet Cleaning Basic Steps : Residential Cleaning [Infographic]


Do you know what the first basic step for keeping your carpet clean and prolonging its life is? Vacuuming it at least once a week. Almost everybody knows that.

But what you may not know is that even if you do follow this rule, sometimes it’s just not enough. Dust and germs easily accumulate.
Just think of all of the dirt people bring in your house through their shoes. Especially if you have kids and pets for hygienic reasons cleaning often is important. To prolong your carpet’s life and protect your investment, you should have your carpet cleaned by a specialized cleaning company at least once a year. The other solution could be to rent a carpet steamer.
But before that try following these easy steps.

In this infographic Innovate Carpet will help you out, showing you some tricks and tips to clean and keep your carpet spotless. Sometimes you just have to ask the professionals. That is why Innovate Carpets can help you.


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