Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Office Cleaning Schedule

Even though we all know the significance of a clean office, we overlook it and do not give much thought to it. This leads to gradual decay and accumulation of disease causing microorganisms, the most common cause of absenteeism. Here is a comprehensive office cleaning guide that will assist you in properly cleaning your office –

  • Daily cleaning should include vacuum cleaning and sweeping of the floors, rubbish removal, wiping up the desks, cleaning the book shelves and electronic equipment and cleaning and mopping kitchen and the washroom.

  • As it is hard to clean file cabinets everyday, make sure that your office cleaners dust them on a weekly basis. Furniture and carpets should also be vacuumed on a weekly basis, in addition to weekly disinfecting the trash bins and kitchen sinks.

  • Do not forget to water plants and change the flower vase water. 

  • Wash baseboards, wipe lights, clean windows, wash sills, remove cobwebs, and clean walls and doors on a fortnightly basis.

Office cleaning is not an easy exercise and to ensure that there are no dirty areas in your office, it is necessary to call professional office cleaning companies in NYC to take care of all your office cleaning requirements.


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