Saturday, 17 August 2013

How to Clean Venetian Blinds?

If you are moving out and want to get your rental security back, you need to ensure that you return the house in a sparkling clean condition to the owner. This includes cleaning not only the rooms but the windows and the venetian blinds as well. Given below are some helpful tips to help you clean the venetian blinds more easily and effectively –

Vacuum cleaning Tilt the blinds and select a soft brush and slowly run it over the slats. This will remove the dirt accumulated on the outer surface of the blinds.

Use old socks for cleaning – Old socks can be used to clean the venetian blinds. Just move your hand on each slat slowly to remove the dust.

Duster for cleaning A dry cloth or a feather duster can also be used to clean the blinds in one direction. Once done with one direction, you can repeat the process for cleaning in the opposite direction.

Ammonia based cleaningAmmonia is an effective cleaner for blinds as it removes grime and stubborn stains easily. Dip a piece of clean rug in ammonia and wipe the blinds cautiously but ensure that you do not bend the slats.

Moving out requires making a lot of plans. Therefore it is advisable to hire professional NYC residential cleaning companies who can take care of all your house cleaning requirements.


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